Quotation Hunt

Post its/Stickers
Felt tip pens

Take key quotations and key words from a text and write either half the quote, or half the word on to one post-it, and the second half on to another post-it. I used four different colour pens and I knew which colour represented the harder quotations to explain and which were the more basic.

What to do:
On arrival each student is given a post-it note and told to hunt for their missing half. Iuse the colours to target specific students and therefore, when they find their partner, hey presto! They were in similar ability pairings with somebody random!
Those looking a bit lost at the end who don't find their partners should be helped by the revelation that their partner’s post-it is written in the same colour as theirs!
Now sat in similar ability pairs, each partnership will have a different quotation or word from the text in front of them. They are to be given two minutes to work out how this quotation or word is important to the story and the key theme. 

Students then give feedback to the whole class; using their responses, You will be able to bounce the ideas from one pair to the next and before you knew it, you will have recapped the text whilst embedding quotations and linking ideas to a key theme!

Post by twitter.com/annaloualton adapted from Sticker Starters idea

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