The Onion Poster- Click Here It can be printed and placed in books, or on classroom walls, or in student planners. Or everywhere!

Idea adapted from Fulhams Girls School

What to do:

A way of making sure students revise their own work and pay attention to written accuracy.

Putting more responsibility for learning and progress upon the students: encouraging a wider sense of independent learning.

Raise student awareness of literacy and its importance – balance things out!

A way of reducing some of the teacher’s marking burden as work is more likely to be marked for quality of ideas and subject understanding.

o   As a DNA (Do Now Activity) – students given an inaccurate subject-specific text and asked to ‘Onion’ it or to reflect on their own work/marking from a previous lesson.
o   Self-assessment - ask students to follow all the steps when they have completed a more extended piece of writing.
o   Students identify which step is most relevant to them and their skills – what do they need to check?
o   As part of a homework task - especially good for practical subjects
o   You can direct students to focus on 1 or 2 points only according to what is relevant in your lesson. Groups could have different focus areas – e.g. Some checking 1 and 2, others checking 3 and 4.
o   Useful as an element of peer-assessment – e.g. Check 1/ 2/ 3/ Onion.
o   Group writing can be checked using The Onion.
o   A competitive, timed plenary activity (Onion to music? Marvin Gaye’s The Onion Song?)

Post by the Whole School Literacy Coordinator- Louise Marsh