Mind Map/Musical Chairs


Teacher to put together using masking tape a number of pieces of sugar paper to create a massive piece of sugar paper; note the masking tape divides the paper up.

What to do:

Each 'box' can be assigned as a section in the exam or a key point from a text and so on.

Students then rotate around the room/mind map using their coloured pen... (each student to be given a different coloured pen See Silent Mind Map post)

1- to add general points

2- they then circle another persons point and add a point to it
3- then go back to a point of theirs thats been circled and respond to it
4- continue adding general points

Students have then completed a class mind map- 

You can now play musical chairs!

Students to walk around the mind map with music playing- when the music stops the person left standing will face questions from the others sitting down based on the mind map. Everyone must ask the questions.

When a student is 'out' they take control of thinking of the first question(s) for the next person who is out!


Try using www.bubbl.us to make an online mind map or Popplet APP for an iPad