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'Practice makes Permanent.'
We have been working on Triple Impact Marking here at Cheney school.
I am currently working on practice and rules of 3... working on something three times to ensure students fully understand the concept, aims and outcomes!

Provide students first with Learner Plates when they are completing their first drafts of a piece of work...

Provide them with their success criteria in the form of a 'highway' code? 

When you mark their work- that can be seen as their driving test! Your feedback can be provided on a driving test sheet/report!

If they pass their test, they then need to work as a new driver; They should then be giving their New Driver Plates! Students should then redraft their work with the changes that have been suggested. 

New Drivers should note that they only have 6 points available! If they make more than 6 mistakes in their redraft- they will be sent back down to the Learner Plates!

If the students however, do really well on their second re-draft then they can be given the Pass Plus Plates. In order to move on to a Driving Instructor they should write their third draft taking on board all the suggested changes- These can be peer- assessed or self assessed. (Use of the Onion!)

Once a student becomes a driving instructor they should then go round and help the remaining Learner/New driver plates. Explaining the process to others. 


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