The “do now” resource and the explanation of each “do now” slide. 

What to do

This is very much a resource inspired by twitter. I have taken ideas from (amongst other people) @ASTsupportAALI, @davidfawcett27, @HFletcherWood, @TeacherToolkit, @LearningSpy and @ManYanaEd.

Bell work (or “do now activity”) is work that the pupils do as soon as they are in their seats/enter the room. It means there is no dead time as the teacher takes the register and gets resources ready. It also settles the class and gets them focused on learning.

The expectation that there is no slack time and that lessons begin the moment students arrive is a hugely important message. Waiting for stragglers just signals that turning up on time isn’t important.

This “do now” task can be as simple as pick a key word from last lesson. Who can get the highest number when adding the score for each letter...
Try Scrabble Starter
Try word search search and many others on this toolkit!

With the above download each activity takes no more than a few minutes. Slides with yellow backgrounds are stand alone and don’t need any tweaking. They are generic enough to apply to just about every subject in School. Slides with a blue background are subject specific (I have put in some Science examples) and will need tweaking if you are to use them.
This is such a simple “do now”. 

Guest Post by www.twitter.com/Benneypenyrheol