Still lots of writing


You need to organise the worksheets yourself!

What to do:

If your lesson requires students to record a lot of information down and they are reluctant to write, try this…

Get students to write on A3 paper. 
Get students to write on A3 coloured paper- with Berol Fine coloured pens.
Break up the page by adding boxes/shapes- it is important- these are not completing random- the size of the box should reflect the importance of the notes/amount of notes.
Also give the boxes- sub headings to channel the students notes.

You could also- place symbols in the shapes/boxes- to reflect where the information should come from. I.E- *= Textbook &=Internet %=Class notes $=Peer

Below is an example of how you can split up a piece of A3 paper…


Students can write their notes on different shapes/stick onto a piece of paper or in their books!

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