Sticker Starters


Stickers/Label Stickers

What to do:

There is a variety of ways this activity can be carried out.
On arrival each student should be given a sticker. This is can be entirely at random, or random (but you are selecting the stickers really- differentiation)

Use the same coloured pens to help lower ability students find their pairs.
Use * or underline letters to support students finding their pairs.

Ask students to sit with their pairs once they have matched- this is an effective way of changing a seating arrangement for the lesson-without complaints- as it appears random.

I explain this sticker activity in the video clip below…1min 47seconds in!
This video clip links to an earlier post of mine- RECORD YOUR STARTERS!


At an interview lesson I gave all students stickers with their names on them- In the corner of the sticker I placed a star, a smiley face, and a firework- when asked why- I said just to decorate the sticker. 
However, these symbols signified to me- star= GNT, Smiley face= SEN/EAL and Firework= BESD.
These helped me know who the differentiated resources were for.

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