Starter Main Desert


Whatever resources you need for the variety of activities you are offering.

What to do:

Lay out the classroom like a restaurant!
Tables can be in pairs? Groups? But have banqueting paper on the tables. And Paper plates.

Students to then be handed a menu!

The menu should contain:

3 Starters/Mains/Desserts- Extra Hot/ Medium/ Mild

Extra Hot- High Ability 
Medium- Middle Ability
Mild- Low Ability

The aim of the lesson is for students to have complete choice of their tasks. 
They should pick the tasks based on their current/target levels.
The tasks- should be the same- but differentiated in Chilli order.

The tasks themselves are totally up to you- can be for any subject/any age. The aim is choice.

Get students to write on the banqueting paper. Use the Paper plates to write on too.

Involve numeracy by putting a price next to each of the activities and ask students to pay for the amount they have completed.


Students can create meals for each others- create their own menus?

The Teacher doesn't have to play the role of the waiter- they could play the role of the restaurant owner. So instead of handing out the menus- other students can do this… and the teacher just facilitates the waiter in ensuring all the customers are happy/on track!

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