A3 or A4 blank paper (any colour will do)
Possibly an image that links well with the concept you want pupils to display in their wordscape.

What to do:

Wordscape = a landscape made of words.  
Wordscapes are a blend of written words, phrases and images. 

An example within the wordscape would be to use the word 'sad' drawn like a frown. 

Wordscapes are often used in Geography to promote literacy and develop pupils' ability to describe places using extended details and phrases, however this activity can easily be adapted to show a freeze frame of a concept or key idea in any other subject.


Use www.tagxedo.com or try using the wordfoto app for iphone/ipad for a digital version of this activity (@johnsayers has an AMAZING example of wordfoto used to describe sand dunes - https://twitter.com/JOHNSAYERS)

Guest post by https://twitter.com/FMSBestPractice

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