What to do:

Mix up your classroom teaching by introducing a Lecture lesson then a seminar? Or just a Lecture lesson? Or a just a seminar session? Or tutorial session? To ensure your students are prepared for higher education?  

Ensure you deliver the lesson like the conventional university style. Re-live how your university was with them! (Maybe this will ensure they enjoy your dynamic lessons a lot more after the lecture style!?)

Set up the room like a lecture theatre? Get the students to dress up like 'typical students/Eton style students? 

Better still- get the students to present the lecture? Tutorial? Or hold the seminar? Set this as a Homework task for the next lesson.

I ALWAYS ask my sixth formers for a topic within a topic= one student each lesson!


A discussion or classroom session focusing on a particular topic or project.

A presentation or talk on a particular topic.

A meeting involving one-to-one or small group supervision, feedback or detailed discussion on a particular 


How about running all three? As a carousel?