Keyword Blocks


Nothing! (A3 paper?)

What to do:

This can be an individual, paired, group or class activity!

Depending on ability/topic of class- students are asked to draw a grid on A3 paper? In their books? 

E.G- 5 x 5- which makes 25 boxes. (I would use this for an A level Class- 50 Mark A2 Law question- 25Ao1 marks!)

Students are then asked to- All tasks must be timed!

I would then ask students to use all these keywords for a 50 mark essay question? This could be the preparation for their question... or a way of drawing out information from a model answer?


Get the class to complete the keyword block together? 
Draw a massive grid on the whiteboard- give the students pens and tell them to work together to fill them in...

I also set a keyword block per topic for homework.

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