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Whatever you may need to make your display!

Classroom displays cfgs good practice guide Compiled by @Slatrs_classics 

What to do:

Are displays to display great work? Or demonstrate levelled/graded work? Or to show off teachers creativity? Or, should they only exist to aid learning? Motivate? Enthuse? OR, all of them together?

It is important to remember that learning displays/working walls should be...

Below are a selection of displays that you can be inspired by to help you create your perfect learning environment.

One important note- Make sure your displays can be seen/read from where the students sit!

Students rarely walk up and place their nose to the display in order to read the small fonts/images we often place on our walls!

Be creative, but remember to consider the size of the font, colour and type of font!

@ASTsupportAAli my efforts pic.twitter.com/4lMr7oTOL4
— Kerry Fraser (@booksrokmyworld) August 1, 2015

Does your students work look good enough to be framed? Always expect excellence! #ukedchat #edchat #tlap #aussieed pic.twitter.com/jEDFm5Uhbw
— Amjad Ali (@ASTsupportAAli) June 30, 2015

@ASTsupportAAli and some more displays to share. pic.twitter.com/m6Sb14kijr
— teachertrying (@Teachertrying) July 14, 2015

@ASTsupportAAli Feel free to add any of these displays to your collection! pic.twitter.com/dqndX1gV0L
— Phil Ruse (@WellsportsPhil) July 14, 2015

Title-less word wall for GCSE English Language terminology. @ASTsupportAAli you were after #displays pic.twitter.com/FLs1htLCcU
— Jennifer Bulman (@EnglishJenB) June 17, 2015

@ASTsupportAAli a few of my sentence stems displays. You can download them from my site http://t.co/dSg74Mo3EM pic.twitter.com/JeRDFqJJ7v
— ExplainingMaths.com (@ExplainingMaths) June 17, 2015

@ASTsupportAAli displays 👍 pic.twitter.com/jyOedLj6yA
— NiomiCR (@RobertsNiomi) June 17, 2015

@ASTsupportAAli some pics of my room. I love displays! pic.twitter.com/eei705PQmZ
— Clarabell (@Briseis_28) March 10, 2015

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— Fernwood School D&T (@FernwoodDT) March 10, 2015

By @Lovelearning84

A world war 2 display board by https://twitter.com/lauren_lsm

A year 11 revision wall by https://twitter.com/mrprcollins

Ensure your displays have a simple background colour to make the font stand out. Make sure the text is large enough to read!

Be creative with your space- use the ceiling? 

Add examples of the words being used in work

Displays don't need to be super creative. Clear and accurate work just as well!

Lots of colour and opportunities to use as a learning wall

Differentiated? keywords- different levels on different coloured backgrounds

Your seating arrangement could consider the display and who would benefit by being next to it?

Print onto stickers to use your windows as display space too!

A target setting board- constantly updated.

Adding NC levels to display areas is good- IF you use the display? Get students to pick out their levels from pieces of work/homework using the display posters?

Ceilings are great places to be used too?

Getting students to use the display board to demonstrate their progress can add an extra element of imaginative teaching into your lesson

Cross Curricular displays are always positive

Motivational Displays are useful to inspire and engage young learners. Having these in areas that catch students attention is especially useful.

Using plastic wallets on your display boards mean they can be easily adapted to your particular lesson and ensure they are personalised

Demonstrating GCSE Assessment objectives in a creative manner can make them seem less 'boring!'

Use your display space to set students challenges- Like this Challenge Wall- 

Make the display interactive- Get students to think to understand it? Use it as a starter? Independent learning tool?
Get students to constantly add to the display- Use Post It notes or get them to directly write on to the backing paper?
Using Items acquired by the students at the end of a project allows them to hold a personal connection with the displays and subject itself
Add QR codes to displays to use the display in lessons? 
Giving Students ownership of their tutor display board makes social cohesion in the form better.
Displaying grades from previous years can create aspiration and ensure students are clear about their targets throughout the year
Refer specifically to Exam Specifications- turn these into student speak?  
Use the board to piece together work completed in lesson- above shows different sections worked on in pairs and then joined together into the display 
Giving examples of completed/moderated/example essays/pieces of work can help students. However, if never referred to or used because writing too small- it may be useless!
Simple way to display keywords- Can be used in a variety of ways...
Use every space you have?!

Showing levelled work really helps students with drawing comparisons with theirs- along with practicing the important skill or peer assessment
This display was created over a series of lessons by the students and then referred to throughout the topic by the students. Post It notes work wonders!

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