Write and Over


Strips of Paper- divided into sections.

How It Works:

Desks are arranged into exam desk settings (see picture)

When signalled by the teacher- (I play music!)
Student on the front desk has to take the strip of paper and write a keyword/quote/point/equasion/poet etc in the square.
They must then pass the strip of paper over their heads (All students should remain facing the front!) to the desk behind...student two then does the same...and so on.
When the students have finished...the last student has to run the front whilst the others shift themselves to the table behind them... Taking the completed strip with them and leaving it at the front.

Student at the front then grabs another strip of paper until students all return to their original seating...
Which will mean there will be a completed keyword strip for each student.

Before you start you can display on the whiteboard what the keywords/points/quotes need to link to- i.e a topic in the exam?

What you do with the completed keyword strips is up to you? I get students to take a strip each and on the reverse write a definition/explanation of each keyword/point.


Use Post it notes?
Or you can display fast moving pictures on the whiteboard and students must write the keyword that links to the picture? Then pass it over their heads backwards.

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