An image/Questions

How It Works:

You split the class up into groups- you can use a variety of ways to do this- how about using raffle tickets or random name generator...?

This activity works well with an image or quiz questions/answers...

One person is designated as the SEE-ER! Their job is to see and describe the image, or read out the question... Nobody else should see the image/question...?

The LISTEN-ER's job is to hear the description or the question as described by the see-er... they have to then run back to the...

...WRITE-ER; whose job is to draw or write down the answer...

Nobody can do any other role- One must see and describe/explain- the other must listen then describe/explain and the other must write/draw.

To make this all fun, I make sure the three different people are well spaced apart, the images/questions are different so groups cant copy/listen in on each other and I have music playing.

Whole point is to promote communication and teamwork.

You can change the names of the roles as you wish!


You can adapt this by making the see-er read out the question to the listener who then has to go and find the answer from a series of answers stuck to the walls around the room. He will then have to run to the write-er who has to write down the correct answer in a grid provided?

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