Revise Write Check

Revise Write Check

What is needed:

How it works:

Fold A3 paper twice.
Students prioritise 5-15 points, figures, quotes, and words (whatever you want them to remember)
You give then x amount of time to revise (not too long though.) Or you can use as a lesson starter to see how much they remember.
Students write down what they remember from memory in BLACK pen.
Then they turn to their notes and complete the rest of the list using a bright COLOURED pen.

Give them time to revise what is in colour (emphasis on what they don’t know rather than going over things they already do know)
Students then start again using another side of the folded paper. With A3 sheet can do as many as 8 goes.
Keep going until all of points are in black for 2-3 times.


Create a Cartwheel to segment causes, impacts and management. Same theory applies but students only have 2 chances on 1 cartwheel. Could use as a lesson plenary/end of unit revision.

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