Passing Mind Map


Paper/Coloured Pens

How It Works:

Students each handed a piece of paper- A3/4?
They students must be seated in a way that each student can pass their paper to the person next to them. (You, as the teacher can plug a gap by passing the papers if need be.)

In the middle of that piece of paper should be the topic title/question/equation/quote. You can ask students to write these onto the paper as you hand them out. These should be taken directly from the syllabus?

Students are then each handed a coloured pen- make a point of telling them each student has a unique colour to then refer to at the end of the activity. (Basically, this way everybody is accountable for what they write! And it ensures they all write something!!)

When the teacher says go... Each student must write a fact/key point/keyword/case/info about their topic on their piece of paper. 
They then swap. 
Students should quickly read whats been written and add another fact/key point/keyword/case/info on the piece of paper, and then swap again!
Students should continue doing this until all papers have gone round the class once. 
When this has happened, students should then draw a line out of a point made by somebody else and add some more info to it... or argue against it? This should continue until the papers have gone round the circle at least 5 times?

This should all be done at a fast pace- obviously increasing time the more times the papers have been rotated as their is more reading to be done. 

Students can then look at their paper, they have ended up with and ask a specific person- judging by the colour of the writing- to justify, oppose, explain the point they have made?

Teacher can then collect the papers- photocopy and make a booklet for the students?


Use images? Students restricted by number of words? Or asked to argue against or for only...

Do this in mini groups? Instead of the whole class?

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