LO Check

LO Check:


Printed copies of your Learning Objectives (A6, A4, A3….up to you)

How it works:

At the beginning of your lesson, introduce your learning objectives and hand them out on a slip of paper with a tick box next to each one. These can be stuck into the pupils books underneath their title and date!

Throughout the lesson, allow a short space of time for the pupils to do a ‘Progress Check’ whereby they go back over the LO’s and check if they have met them yet!

If they have, they can tick the box. If they haven’t, they can then ask their peers around them how they can achieve it or ask what their understanding of the LO is with the intention of ticking the box themselves.
From this, they can rag-rate- Red/Amber/Green highlighters? or 1-5 OR JKL their level of understanding of the LO next to the tick box.


Have one A4/3 sheet on each table with the LO’s on and as the lesson goes on, pupils can tick the boxes as a table.
Instead of printing the LO’s, get the pupils to reword them in ‘their speak’ at the start of the lesson and tick them as you go along!

Pupils can write in the margin where they have met LO’s. E.g.- LO1, LO2. LO3 & Why/How