Level Line + Grade Grid

Level Line:

How it works:
Give pupils a coloured? strip of paper (or they even just draw the line into their books/tables) & they copy the sample level line. 

At various points throughout the lesson, using level descriptions/Success criteria, ask pupils to stick their post-it on the level they think they are at. Or draw a line on their progress line. 

Pupils can watch themselves progress up the line & they can then record their final level in their books at the end of the lesson. They should explain why they feel they are at that current level- based on the success criteria given.
Make sure they place a timestamp on their line

Grade Grid:

Pupils stick the post-it into which grade they think they are working at, at various points throughout the lesson and whether they think it is ‘low’ ‘mid’ or ‘solid’ way through that grade remember to ask students WHY?

Students should write why? and the time? so they can see how they have progressed?
They could have a grade grid per unit?