Freeze Frames


Pictures to support if neccessary.

How It Works:

  1. Pupils get into small groups.
  2. They are asked physically to pose in a snapshot representation of a specific, significant moment.
  3. Pupils could work together as a group to discuss what they are being asked to depict and how it might look in a freeze frame.
  4. Groups could take it in turns to move around and view other groups’ freeze frames.
  5. A debrief afterwards could focus on the nature of body language used in the freeze frame, why pupils decided to depict the scene in the way they did, and why others might have depicted the event in a different way.
  6. As an extension, groups could enact different developments in a particular issue and take photos, creating a photo-story.


Pupils could act out a role and, on the teachers command, freeze in scene.

Post adapted from N.Ireland T&L Frameworks at KS3.

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