First time


Paper! Maybe nothing!

How It Works:

Students to get into groups of 4-6.
Students line themselves up... sitting next to each other.
Teacher provides the first student with a stimulus- picture/quote/text/ or says the information to the student. (Make sure you stick to a time limit- keep it short and snappy!)

The student must then write it down..? He then whispers this to the next student, who then writes it down too and so on... when it gets to the last student... he must state what has been written down and attempt to plug the gaps? (If any!)

Quick, easy way to get students engaged at the start of a lesson? Or they can try to figure out the objectives of the lesson?


Each student pass on written information to be read only- remember the time limit- rather than being whispered!
Each time a student whispers to the other they must replace a keyword for a silly word?

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