Blooming Bloom


Use the following links- 

How It Works: 

Use the above links to download resources to get students understanding the different thinking skills involved in learning. 
These will present them with opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves.

As a teacher set your objectives for your lessons using the bloom stems?

Objective- Outcome- Success Criteria...

I get my A level students to have the info sheet at the front of their file (Laminate it- Put it in a plastic wallet- different colour for different skill? All on one page- up to you!) BUT regularly ask them to work upwards through the skills... e.g:

Know ----> Understand ----> Evaluate ----> Create 

Examples of questions you or your students can ask relating to the particular skill can be seen below.

Image from Google

Use the Simpson- Brainometer- Click here
Ask students to re-write the below?

Acting like an ENCYCLOPEDIA where one finds information, facts, data
Acting like a DICTIONARY understanding words, concepts, cause-effect, and ‘reasons for’
Acting like a HOW TO MANUAL applying previously learnt data in similar or novel situations
Acting like a SORTING TRAY examining & breaking up an issue into its component parts
Acting like a JUDGE based on the evidence
Always improving, designing, planning

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