Big Brother


Camcorder? Digital Camera? IPad? Phone?

How It Works:

Place a video camera in a corner of your room; 
The idea of this is for it to be a reflection zone, whereby learners can take time out of what they are doing to reflect on how it is going.

Depending on the tasks being carried out, questions can be placed in the area related to the tasks to cue learner responses. The learners will record themselves alone or as a pair reflecting on the task and then they can save this to a memory stick/add it to dropbox/add it to your blog for their personal log/work/revision – remember, reflection is an essential part of the lesson! It also serves as a useful formative assessment tool for me to check on learning.  

Some learners are a little apprehensive about filming themselves, so place a short question and answer sheet in the area so that some reflection is occurring.

Idea was taken & adapted from