Traffic Light Progress


Stickers- Red/Yellow/Green

How It Works:

Further to my video- which can be seen here about how to use stickers to signify progress, I have designed this simple strategy.

Firstly, a checklist is needed- your exam board might be able to provide you with one- but I think its worth re/writing the checklist into simple student speak- so the students can fully understand what they are assessing.

Students are then asked to place a sticker to represent their level of learning of that topic.

There are three headings- No Problem= Green- Need more revision= Yellow- and Need to ask for Help= Red

When the unit is complete ask students to review their progress. By placing a coloured sticker in the relevant column. Remind them to date this.

When you then set a homework, or host a revision lesson or set the students a test etc at a later date- ask students to re-do their stickers. They must review their progress again!

As you can see above my student has moved from a red- to a yellow...and from two yellows to a greens- I simply ask they date this change- so they can review and demonstrate their progress independently-

Some important questions to ask could be...
How did you move from that level? What did you do to enable that shift? How will you move in the other topic areas? 


Students can do this on the corner of their work in their books? The re-do the sticker after the diagnostic marking has been read and reflected on?

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