Revision Stations


Online timer-displayed on the Smart Board/Projector
Other resources listed below-when each station is explained!

Before students enter have these stations set up in your room...

This revision session runs totally independently if you prepare for them- you will not do much in the actual lesson- so it is well worth it!

I have used THINK TAX for these revision sessions- to encourage more independent learning/understanding/applying of knowledge. Click here for more information...

How It Works:
A Display of each station can be displayed on the board- This should be printed out and left at each station- as the computer should be left free for students to approach and read in more detail if they wish- also the online timer should be displayed prominently on the board.

Straws! Thinking creatively- Students were asked to recreate a learning objective from their last lessons! You could also ask them to use the straws to Traffic Light their learning of specific topics? They could then visualise in rank order what they need to focus their revision on?
The focus on this station is to recall and show understanding.

Simple stand- Students given an exam question- asked to answer it- then peer assess each others answers using mark schemes provided. 
The focus on this stand is applying.

Students at this stand played Pictionary! A list of keywords were provided and in turns they were asked to draw them- 
I gave the higher ability students Taboo words- that they couldnt visualise in their drawings- If they wanted- here they could have played charades with the keywords- once guessed the partner had to list 5 facts about the word. Or talk like an expert about it? Or think of possible exam questions- they should never finish their task- always move on by building further!
The focus on this station is linking to knowledge.

Again a list of topics/keywords were provided. Sitting back to back students had to talk non-stop for 30 seconds to 1 minute about their topic- they have to talk like an expert...Whilst partner is talking- they listener has to write down all said keywords.
The focus is on applying and meaning.

Paper- Chains- See previous post by clicking here- It will explain how to use this in the revision session!
The focus is on applying.

Again by clicking here- will take you to a previous post that explains this fab activity! Very useful for revision! 
The focus is on meaning and applying.

Can be used in a variety ways- Behind the cards stuck on with a post it note- were keywords/terms/command words along with definitions of those words. Students had to pick up two cards and decide whether they have found the word with its definition. Objective is to find all the pairs... 1 go at a time. Pick up 2 cards at a time, and place back in original position. 
The focus is on applying, meaning and understanding.

This is an example of the information document that I leave on the desks for the students...

What is really important about these stations are that the timer is displayed clearly and students are driven by the short timed activities. 

It is also important to set a period of time where you can review and reflect the activity- without giving away the answers for the other students...

Get students to traffic light their progress before and then after each station?

You can simply pick and chose which activities you want and how many stations- for e.g you could have a silent mind map station, a magnetic letter/whiteboard station and so on...

Check out this adapted version-

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