Make me a Star


Star stickers (cheap in Wilkinsons/poundland/hobby craft etc) 
A list of what they need to do to achieve the stars

How it works:

Tell the class that by the end of the lesson there is going to be a star who shall win a prize, I had large chocolate gold coins on display as an added motivation.  They become the star is by earning star stickers.

The stickers are given to them if they show/or are seen to have achieved any of the criteria/learning objectives/  you have set out at the beginning of the lesson.

The criteria for this task should be created by you to suit your class and task, but can be as simple as writing detailed notes and working well as a team/pair/independently, or more complex based on levels or a marking criteria.

As they are working you move monitoring their learning award the stickers (stick them on the pupils!) The class may get a little competitive but that only seems to motivate them to work harder.
When the lesson is about to end, get all the pupils to stand and have them to sit if they have 3 stars, 4 stars, etc. and the last pupil (s) standing are the stars of the lesson and earn the prize.


Can be used as a group tasks and stars are awarded per group.

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