Independent Reflection on Marking


Post it notes

How It Works:

When marking books/essays we all notice common mistakes that our students make... 
After marking a set of books/essays and finding these common mistakes; why not get your students to become independent in their reflection of your diagnostic marking!

For example: Spelling Mistakes:
Write the mispelt words on the whiteboard/smartboard. Have this ready for students as they enter the room. 

Give them all a post it note and ask them to correct any words they can. They should stick these correct words next to mispelt words.

This should create a 'bank' of correctly spelt words. As shown below.

Get students to then complete a starter activity which includes use of those mispelt words.
Students should then be encouraged to get up at any point and take a post it note with the correctly spelt words if they feel they will get the word wrong again.


As you can see this can be adapted in many ways- and is a way to make students more independent- 
I.E- they could correct the mispelt words- then define them using dictionaries. Or use a thesaurus and look up synonyms?

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