Help Desk/Volunteers


Image from- who set up her own help desk after seeing this post :)

How It Works:

Dedicate a space in your classroom where students can simply get up and go and seek help at any point of the lesson?
They may want to use the help desk to; 

The help desk could also contain EMERGENCY HELP sheets- where students can go and find out an answer/or get help for a particular task they are currently completing. This is more specific help to the lesson.

Maybe the teacher can sit at this help desk- while students are working? Rather than walking around and asking? (Just a suggestion!)

You could combine the help desk- with a previous post about Think Tax- students could actually earn coins by using the help desk- rather than asking for help?

Image by @TeamTait who set up his own help desk after seeing this post :)

Image by @Beckyw_1212 who set up her own help desk after seeing this post :)


If you do not have a dedicated space- maybe you could hire some Help Desk 'volunteers'- give one dictionary to a student, a revision guide to another, textbook to another and ask students to see those students to help with any problems they may have?
These students should ideally be the GNT students? But don't have to be.

Also- if no computer is available- allow students to post a question on a post it note- then when others are finished? they can go and answers questions by taking a post it note. These can then be placed on your learning wall display (Post coming soon!)

(Note- questions should be initialled so the answer can be returned to the right person!)

Image by @LeedsArtTeacher who set up her own help desk after seeing this post :)

Try setting up stationery stations!
Each table's stationary centre ready for Monday! #stamps #stationary #pedagoofriday @pedagoo @HHSMsGoulding @rlj1981
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