Chinese Fortune Teller

The Chinese Fortune Teller

Do you remember making these as a child, well bring them back onto the class room as either a revision aid or as a way for pupils to record new information in a creative and interesting way.


A4 paper
A pre made example
A step by step guide on how to make one i.e- 

or video- 

How it works:

Give the pupils a demonstration on how to make one and how it works, and hand out the guide on how to make one

The four out-side sections can either be decorated with images/symbols/keywords.
Inside there are either four larger sections or eight smaller sections (it will depend on how much information you want them to include), these can be used to write questions,  key words, dates, quotes etc
Each of these inside sections lifts up, and here pupils can write the answers.
Now they can start playing in pairs. 


Each Fortune teller can be a group task- with different points per section/topic per section- 
Integrate maths into the activity?

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