Bloomin' thinking Cards

Cards to get students Bloomin' thinking


A set of Celebrity Cards, available on a Word doc. by clicking here-

NEW updated Cards here by J Chappell.


The cards are a mixture of Bloom's Taxonomy and De Bono's Hats. The power of celebrity is the 'hook' here.

How it works:

Give each student a card. Think carefully about who gets what card e.g. Lady Gaga is more difficult than Wall-E! Then, give each student a mini whiteboard and encourage them throughout the lessons or during a mini plenary to make notes based on their role. Notes should be based on what they see, hear and do
During the plenary, students should feedback based on their role and this should generate 'deep' discussion.  Get the students with the same card to swap ideas before they feedback to class.

You might also use the cards as a plenary activity and students could choose to reflect on what they have learnt as  Wall-E, James Bond or Lord Sugar.

The cards could also be used as a writing frame. 
Students could write their response based on the different roles and use the sentence stems to help. This should promote a more evaluative and original response.

Top tips/Variations:
During group work, each student could have a card (Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Sherlock Holmes) and makes notes based on their card after looking at a stimulus text. 
They feedback their notes to the rest of their group and should then be able to answer questions in a more detailed way as they have thought about it from different points of view.

During reading activities, students could have a Wall-E card or Oprah card and make notes during class or group reading on mini-whiteboards? This helps to keep students focused when reading texts.

Change the Cards to famous Poets? Authors? Scientists? Theorists? Judges?

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