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How It Works:

When students enter the room, hand them all an entrance ticket. This means you can engage with every student before the lesson even starts!

Have clear lesson topic and/or objectives on the board so they are aware of what they will be focussing on in the lesson. By themselves they then reflect on the two aspects of the entrance ticket and complete.

If you want, you can ask students to share their answers with each other in pairs/tables or whole class.

During the lesson you can ask students... To add to what they've learnt or to see if their question has been answered, and add this to their ticket.

At the end of the lesson students are given an exit ticket. They should reflect on and complete the sentences. Again you could prepare them for writing this by discussing the learning from the lesson.

Students can only exit the class with their completed entrance ticket, their work/ book and their completed exit ticket.

You can then use all of these to reflect on the learning that has taken place in your lesson and help to plan the next lesson.


Set up the room like a cinema. where they can not enter until their entrance ticket is complete?

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