Viewers and Listeners


Nothing- your normal presentation & task...

How It Works:

First arrange the desks in your classrooms where students will be facing each other. But one student/pair has their back to the board. (One student/pair shouldn't be able to see the board at all!)

The teacher then displays information on the board.
The 'viewer' has a limited time to read and understand this information before it is removed from the board.
The viewer then has to explain this information in their own words to the 'listener'!
Both students must now write down their notes.

The viewer and listener should not write until the teacher says so.
When the viewer is reading- they must try to understand the information rather than memorising it.

Students LOVED this activity as they said it made them really concentrate/understand vital concepts.

Ensure after each viewing and listening- teacher reviews what was shared- check for understanding- get other groups to add more information if need be.

This activity works well if a resource sheet to fill in is already provided.

Ask Viewers and Listeners to swap half way to give both students the chance to develop both skills.


This can be done with images? Equasions? Quotes? You can highlight words- TABOO words which viewers can not use when explaining to the listeners...?