Totem Poles

Roll of wallpaper backing paper which was about two metres high and rolled together and taped to become a cylinder for the Totem Pole.  
My lesson plan and 5 things worksheet is available by clicking here.

What to do:

As an overview the lesson at the start, pupils had a ’5 things’ sheet – where they needed to write down 5 things they could remember from each lesson. Naturally they struggled to get two or three.
Pupils were put into differentiated pairs, and given one lesson to research in more detail.  They had their class notes and I provided information leaflets they used during their original lessons.  One person  was asked to create an information poster with 5 things on about that one lesson whilst the other used A5 coloured paper to draw a picture and add a sentence or two about the content of the lesson.  This coloured paper was then cut into a shape, and stuck on the Totem Pole.  
They had 10 minutes to complete the task.  
After this the posters were stuck on the whiteboard, and the coloured paper put on the Totem Pole.
A close up of the information on the Totem Pole
Pupils then went back to the 5 things sheet and added more information to their one section.
They then repeated the whole process for another part with each of them taking the opposite role.
After this, the class used all the information on the Totem Pole and the whiteboard to complete their 5 things sheets.  They ended with writing one thing they had learnt that lesson on a postit note and putting it on the whiteboard on the way out.
The information posters on the whiteboard
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