Think Tax!


Gold Coins... <--- Hobby Craft sells the gold coins in the pics below!

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How It Works:

This is very similar to another post (Question Cards) however, I have adapted it a little...
At the start of the lesson students are given Gold Coins- the amount depends on you/the student- I gave 3...

The task is then set- students must try to earn as many coins as they can and obviously not use up any!
They do this by answering each others questions or expanding on points made by others.

The twist is- if a student answers another students question- they take that students coin!
If they ask me a question- I will charge them a coin- THINK TAX! I will shout this out!

The may also use a coin to buy an independent learning strategy- such as an iPad? Mini Laptops? Textbook? Folders? Revision Guide?

Most importantly the aim of the coins are to make the students think for themselves and not get charged THINK TAX!

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Amount of coins?

How they earn the coins back?
What happens if they go into overdraft?
Amount of homework-links to amount of coins?
Keep a record of coins earnt all week? term? etc?

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