Flow Charts

Flow Chart Activity:
This activity allows students to make decisions or identify the differences and similarities.

How it works:
The flow chart activity is used as a starter so students can identify the different- in this case stage shapes.

Students are given an image of a stage shape and they will need to use the flow chart to work out which stage shape the image is. Students will then write the answer of the stage shape at the end of the route that they have ended up at.

This also allows students to compare and understand the differences and similarities of each stage shape.


-          Provide answers at the end of each route but they are in the wrong place- students will have to correct them

-          Leave out missing letters in the answers- SEN- students need to complete the full name.

In addition, the flow chart has been used during practical lessons when devising drama to allow students to make a choice on how they will arrange their audience and performance space. 
Download the resources here- Flow Chart and Stages

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