Big Floor Mind Map

The big floor mind map is a great active revision task that involves very little prep, but has a big impact on learning. It allows for pupils to see connections between topics as well as connections within topics.


Squares of paper

Strips of paper


The aim of the task is to create a floor mind map.

In a set time limit individual students have to write down as many things about the topic they have studied onto the square pieces of paper (one word per square), this can be key words, quotes, and key people, etc.

Divide the class into groups and clear away the furniture.

Collect in all the squares of paper and hand out a pile of them to each grou p, with the strips of paper.
The strip of paper that make the links between the squares have to have a written explanation of what the connection is. This is the key to developing greater analysis and understanding.

Let their minds run wild and come up with the strangest connections, as long as the can explain the connection that is all that matters.

When the groups have exhausted all their ideas they can swap to another groups mind map to try and add to it, or just to learn from how others think.

Pupils can then take a picture of their creation and use as a revision aid- or post it on the class blog/VLE- email it to them etc?

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@ASTsupportAAli mind map! Students working really hard!!!

— Sam Ashraf (@samiash99) April 2, 2015

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