Abstract Essay Writing

Abstract Essay Writing

A4/3 paper for each student
PowerPoint slide with the abstract question displayed (image recommended)

Used to emphasise the importance of planning for extended exam questions, it has also proved useful for interpreting the meaning of command words in an exam questions.

This activity gives students the ability to try out the skill of planning without becoming bogged down with content, once transferred to a past paper the students are able to see the value of planning...

How it works:

An Abstract question is displayed on the board and students are given a piece of paper.
Depending on the time allocated in exams for planning in your subject will depend on how long you will allow for the planning.

Initially give very little instruction and this will prove fruitful later on in the lesson when students present their plans to the class, the variety of methods used for planning became clear and they were able to teach each other the different approaches to planning.
'Compare the two crime fighters and evaluate which you would think to be the most effective at fighting crime.'

Examples of these plans were Venn diagrams, spider diagrams, tables etc.


Ask students to come up with their own abstract questions. Some examples...

Give students a planning method to try, for example a Venn diagram, to show different ways of presenting ideas.

Use a visualiser to display examples of their work or a live example by the student or teacher.

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