A Plane Journey of Learning

A Plane Journey of Learning:

These cards can be used independently as starters and plenaries, or if you are feeling in a more creative mood why not theme a whole lesson along the lines of an airplane journey, with you as the steward.


Cards (Click Here for boarding card and Here for departure cards) & glue to stick them in their books

(Thanks to https://twitter.com/MissKMcD for adapted templates.)


As the pupils enter the class hook them in by acting the part of the steward, 'welcome to flight …'
(what every subject and session in the day eg RSFRI2,) as you hand out the boarding cards, they can only be seated when they have filled out the boarding cards and they are checked by you.

If you are going to theme your lesson around a plane journey here are a few ideas

As the lesson progresses you can use your role playing skills for mini plenaries, for example a buffet cart of questions for rewards (stickers of merits ) or come and visit the pilot for on the spot questioning.

As the lesson comes to an end you hand out the departure cards which they have to fill in showing what they have learnt and stick in their books before they leave.




You can have extension tasks where the more able are in charge of the departure cards, they have to hand them out and question the other pupils answers.

This is a guest post by https://twitter.com/Gemmaharvey73 

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