U Shaped Continuum

U Shape Continuum-



How it works:

Ask students to line up in order of their level of understanding/current grade/progress... (Up to you!)

From really confident/A* to really confused/U grade.

You should then snake the students from the end of the line to bring all students facing each other.
The really confused students should now be facing the really confident students!

Teacher should instruct the students to talk/discuss about the given topic/question/etc- Students who are really confident should aim to 'teach/help' the not so confident students!

After 1 minute- teacher should ask for feedback- what have the students learnt? The students should then snake again. By moving one to their right... repeat this process until you feel all students are more secure and now more confident!

Getting students to line up again- should create a mass of pupils towards the really confident line!?


Can you think of any? Comment below?

Thank you to Andrew Love- Dr Love- AST for Science- West Berks- for introducing me to this strategy. 

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