Tin foil


Tin Foil!

How It Works:

I saw this originally on the twitter page of https://twitter.com/CaldiesEnglish (Definitely worth following!)

So I thought, tin foil is a really cheap and effective resource to use in lessons in a variety of ways;

How about...

You get students to... 

I will however use it for my Citizenship lesson- on the economy and taxes.

In groups; 

I will get students to divide the foil out and make a Pie Chart for England's budget.
I will then get them to create/make/model the area they would like the majority of their budget to be spent on- i.e Education, Defence, Health etc. 
The other students/groups can then guess what areas are preferred?

As you can see Foil is cheap and very effective!

Comment below- with other ways you can use them?

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