STUDENT POST-Treasure-Fact Hunt

This is a post written by two Year 11 GCSE Citizenship students- Who lead 30minutes of the lesson.
They planned this activity completely themselves- tweet them what you think 

The Treasure-fact hunt!


10 Questions with answers 
10 facts about your topic 
10 envelopes 
Prizes? (For example, Starbursts/House Points?)

How it works:

Before the class arrives, put your facts (keywords? topics? sentences? equations etc?) into envelopes with one prize per envelope and hide them around the class. 

When the lesson begins, ask the class a question based on a previous topic they’ve learnt. The first student to answer the question correctly will then be given a clue as to where the first envelope is hidden. 
Once they have received the clue, let them search for the envelope. Set them a time limit! 
When they find it, they should read the fact out loud to the class. The fact will contain some taboo words- the students can not use those words when explaining- You could have the facts on a PowerPoint and show it to the class for them to copy or you could print out sheets for them with the facts on. Students must take notes from the fact once they have deciphered the meaning.

Repeat this until all the questions have been answered and all the facts found and read out aloud and explained along with all students having taken notes! 

After, you could have a debate or a quiz on the facts they have learnt...?


Split class into groups with separate sets of questions. Differentiate the questions? Options of envelopes? Easy/Medium/Hard?

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