Silent Debate


Sugar paper, coloured pens, masking tape?

What to do:

This activity relies on students working independently and completely in silence.

Each student is assigned a felt tip pen each- the colour given must be noted- or make it clear to them you are aware of it! (This makes them accountable for what they have written!)

Students will find on the sugar paper- a question/debating point/equations etc

Students must respond to the question- through written words only. 

Make sure there are many different questions posed on the sugar paper placed all around the room. 

At the time interval arranged- students should move around the room to answer as many different questions as possible- coming back to the points they have written. Also encourage them to respond to the points others have written.

Students should completely refrain from talking- and write all they want to 'say!'


Could do this as a class mind map in silent- see post. 

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