QR Codes- Displays? Activities?


Online QR hunt creator- http://www.classtools.net/QR/

How It Works:

Teacher uses website to create a QR (quick response) quiz scavenger hunt- the above online tool creates the QR codes and makes them printable. (Follow instructions on website!)

Made by www.twitter.com/tombrush1982

The QR codes can be read using a simple free downloaded app from both Android, Blackberry, windows and Apple phones. Simply search QR Reader in the APP store- It is FREE.

These QR codes created will scan without an internet connection- which is excellent!


QR codes can be linked to websites? Blog Posts? Online articles- a quick and easy way to reference a website.

Use them in your displays?

Use this clip created by www.twitter.com/teamtait to understand how QR Codes work:

QR Codes Explanation

Check out the roll a QR code post!

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