Magnetic letters and Magentic boards


Magnetic letters- A-Z packs available from Tescos Keep it Handy Range- 

Click here for a link from where to purchase some Magnetic Whiteboards- 

(I bought 8 packs- 4 X 2- keeping even amounts for each pair/group and X 2 Magnetic Whiteboards)

How It Works:

There are a variety of tasks you can complete with these magnetic letters and magnetic whiteboards...!

1- You can simply ask students to make as many keywords as they can using the letters- splitting the letters equally allows you to create a challenge/team work/cooperative learning

Students can be creative with their words- by making crosswords, acrostics and link words together.

2- As they are placing the magnets on whiteboards- students can then add in letters using a whiteboard pen?

3- When the students have finished- they can hold up their whiteboard and present to the class-

E= explain
E= evidence

If you would like to borrow the letters/whiteboards- Ask Mr Ali.

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