Half Desk/Half White Board

*UPDATE- 15/02/14*

Mini Whiteboards have always been really useful! 
Heres something a little different!

A while back I transformed some desks in my room into Half Desks- Half Whiteboards!

They have worked a treat:

They went down a treat at school with the students and staff... Lots of people at Twitter have used this post to create their own learning spaces. Some images below show how people have used +Smart Wall Paint 

They have been so generous with their products- allowing me to develop my classroom into an exceptional environment!

My idea used by @EnglishLulu :)

This was created as a result of my idea by https://twitter.com/SteveFoxAST 
SmartWallPaint being used by @WoodhamArt suggested by @TeamTait through my idea promoted on Twitter

My original Half WhiteBoard Half Desk Idea!

Being used to plan questions and answers

Personalised objectives and keywords?

Easy to clean and use and apply!

Here is a Video clip by @TEAMTAIT describing how to use +Smart Wall Paint  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9XA5fK-_MM&feature=youtu.be

Smart Wall Paint have now developed a new product call Clear Smart Wall Paint! They have kindly sent me a pack to develop and use. So...

...watch this space for another creative learning environment set of pics!


YOU CAN also use sticky back plastic on the top half of a desk. Your technology department can suggest a 'cheap' place to buy this standard sticky back plastic- or check out this website!

(Note- you should have whiteboard spray to ensure the whiteboard pen rubs out nicely!) The sticky back plastic is a very temp. resource.

DO remember to try SmartWall Paint-It is amazing!! Whiteboard Paint- Paint walls? Desks and more? Be creative... 

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