Dominoes- Not as you know?


A4/A5 paper!

How It Works:

Students are given a piece of paper each- They fold it in half. 

Students are then told to write down a keyword on the left hand side of the paper- based on the subject area/topic of your choice. 
They must then write down the definition/explanation on the right hand side of the paper.


They should be told- that every single persons papers have to connect.

So student As keyword has a definition- that definition must then link to Student Bs Keyword- which is then defined and the definition must link to Student Cs keyword... and so on!

Once all students have linked all dominoes (pieces of paper)- All paper should be collected- placed in the middle of the room- shuffled up. 

Music is then played- by the time the music stops- they should each grab a piece of paper and find their corresponding link.
Once lined up- teacher to go through.

Students should use all resources in the room- such as dictionaries, folders, textbooks?

They are given three tokens- which they can use to ask the teacher? Or search using the computer?


Get the students into teams? Get them to create domino links- then swap papers over and other team has to figure out the links?

Get students to draw the keyword instead of writing it?

Prepare the paper- before you hand them to students- differentiate them. Put the number of dots on the definition side- based on their end of year target- if predicted an A*- then number 6 and definition must be of that standard.

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