Diamond 9/18


Post-It notes/ Paper cut into small squares

How It Works:

Students are asked to work in pairs- and asked to write down 9 keywords/points/sentences/ each

(If AS/A level student- they could work on their own- link the points to mark schemes/model answer and so on..?)

They are then asked to place the points they have made into a Diamond shape.

The point at the tip of the diamond- is the key element to their task. The points towards the bottom of the diamond are not so useful. 

I then show students the diagram below; You can draw this on the whiteboard? I link the upper points to higher grades/levels?

The arrangement of points helps the students determine the grade/level of their points- are they struggling to pick a key point? Are most of their points important? Really important?

It also shows students how to structure their answers/questions...?

Use the structures shown here?


You can get your students to work on a class diamond 18?

Each child writing one point? On an A4 piece of paper? They could then arrange the papers as a giant Diamond 18?

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