Cheap Shops- Brilliant lessons!

UPDATED- 29th MARCH 2014!



Various different Poundland resources! Or Tesco keep it handy range! Or Hobby Craft!

How It Works:  

This post has been inspired by the excellent article about #PoundlandPedagogy by- Pimp Your Lesson Author- Isabella Wallace. 

Please note:

There are already posts here in the toolkit about the use of Raffle Tickets, Magnetic Letters, Wall Paper, Balloons and Lego...

But here are a selection of images displaying how other  some 'everyday' items can be used in lessons?

Give students a receipt when they hand in a piece of work/project or an essay? Ask them to value their work by their predicted grade. When you have marked it- hand back the copy and ask them to reflect

Can be used as a random name selector? Can be used to pick out questions? Can be used to select groups?

Blank Dice- Add a colour? A letter? A bloom stem? A Higher Order Thinking Skill? Students make up their own? Can be used in lots of ways!

Students can use these for a swat the right answer activity- Or in groups- the different colours could represent different themes/marks/elements of an exam and students must hold up the right fly swat!

Plastercine! The possibilities are endless! Try modeling visual representations of key concepts?

Can be used to track a debate- as stated in Pimp Your Lesson- Students can pass the string around to see where a debate bounces to and from...

Use pegs for a variety of lessons- Hold keywords to create a washing line? Use pegs to combine key points? Use pegs to reference pages?

Design your own bunting! Laminate them and rub them out after each topic?
Love these connector post it notes- possibilities are endless!

I LOVE post it notes- different shapes, different sizes open up so many possibilities- such as creating student displays? Filling up different size papers- using keywords/definitions/ make a border out of display board using post it notes?

Fab idea by @Johnsayers- Play Jenga- Write a question on each brick- maybe each side- colour code the pieces- levelled? or exam grade linked? Everytime a student picks a brick- they answer a question?

No Hands policy- use noise makers for quizzes?

Create your own jigsaws! You can write an objective on each one- then ask students to piece it together, or you can draw images that reflect the topics/learning? Or you can write keywords etc... possibilities are endless!

Stickers work wonders- for all years- all subjects! Go on- buy some- the cheaper the better!

Use Straws in your lessons in a variety of ways- Get students to make something- i.e to represent an objective covered- or they pick a straw- the colour= represents differentiation and so on!

Use inflatable dice in many ways- Roll a dice- the number refers to their response- 1= state 2= + describe 3= + explain 4= + compare 5= +suggest alternatives 6= +Bonus question?

Tin foil- can be used much like plastercine- its cheaper, more malleable and very fun to play with! Curtain hooks- can hook on keywords- toothpicks stuck into blue tac can be used for key terms?
Toothpicks and blue tac- How could you use them? I use them like a cafe- I stab the question through the toothpick- move from order to served pile?

Can be used in a variety of ways- but all link to hanging off keywords/themes/ can use string to make hanging more secure? 

Use these coloured egg capsules to put questions inside- the colours can be used for whatever you wish? harder? easier questions? teams? type of questions? command words? these can be used as a treasure hunt? or simply given to students?

An inflatable can be used to pass around the room- students can only talk if they are holding the inflatable? Or students can scaffold answers by passing to somebody else- use the Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce strategy! 

Really cheap way of engaging students in competition- or rewarding hard work/good work- you can give gold silver bronze and trophies! 
I love these mini trophies- put a little choc in them and students are mega proud to receive them! Take a picture of the winners too!

lots of different activities are possible with these- 6 thinking hats? Taboo activity? Guess the defendant? Poet? Theorist?

Buy those cheap puzzle books- photocopy/use those quick fire questions?
10 Clues is an amazing game to play with students- then get them to make their own 10 clues that link to strategies/keywords/topics and so on!
Plastic CD cases can be used in a variety of ways- how about hole punching them together to make a domino style key word game. or have an explanation on one side and worked example on the other- or a picture on one side and a keyword on the other?
Use bunting- make a washing line of learning? A keyword line? A list of useful words? Phrases? Pictures? Get students to write command words on them?

Student can shoot their arrow- the number they hit- determines the level of question and in turn the points they will earn! This can also be used a 'Spin your question activity'

Students go head to head against one another/teams- Team who wins/answers better- takes a red token- points added up at the end! Black tokens can be used as 'Ask a friend?'

Paper plates can be used in many different ways- For healthy eating programmes? takeaway homework? venn diagrams? looking at area/space organising/grouping information and so on!

Students pass around the hot potato- whoever the music stops to- they answer questions from the others

Buy a hot potato- that sings!