Writing on the...windows!


Liquid chalk pens... 
(Can also be found on eBay/Amazon at a good price)


Students writing on windows- or any glass surface!! The pens are easy to wipe off and come in a variety of colours!

You can use your windows to add revision topics/key words/specialist language and so on... but why?

Students enter and ask “...where are our books Miss?” followed quickly by “What? We’re actually writing on the windows – won’t you get in trouble Miss?” 

We started with some collaborative writing. They were each fighting for a pen – this was a good sign. The result? 15 minutes later I had a page – well a window – full of writing. Enough to mark. Enough to improve. 

The cynic in me says this is just a gimmick, a silly idea to be different for different sake. How is it really different to writing on sugar paper or in their book or on a mini white board? Well – it isn’t when you look at it like that.

So why did this work? It is simple – it is because it is different. I wanted to write on the windows, it was fun, it felt rebellious, it is strangely calming, it looked cool (I even felt a bit cooler!). And for this simple reason students who hated writing suddenly produced this…

The pens rub off easily with a dry cloth...

Images and original idea by @siancarter1

Drawing line graphs on the windows was a great hit with year 10! @bec_skar @GOBarnwell pic.twitter.com/LrLCeqNhY3
— Kimberley Hesketh (@kimbohesketh) September 22, 2015

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