PLTs cards

PLTs cards to enable students to develop their literacy skills

A set of cards with all the Personal Learning Thinking Skills on them on each of my tables (double sided so students either side of the table are seeing what the other are) as a thinking tool kit. 

Laminate the cards (see pictures of below) so when a student believes they are demonstrating a specific element of that aspect of PLTs, they mark it off with their initials (see for example Creative Thinkers can…). 

Students I’ve found like to show me and their table, ‘yes sir/miss I am learning in your lesson this way’. But if they do mark their initials they have to justify with everyone on the table why their name should be connected with that skill by showing evidence or discussing evidence. 

To aid students with this transition from believing to demonstrating they can use the language to the right of each card and connect it to their learning and the skill that they have marked off. So it shows good relational thinking from a solo perspective. 

PLTs are a valuable tool in assisting students to being independent in our lessons and more importantly independent in ALL of their lessons and with life outside of school. Give them a go! 

Email Mr Ali for a copy I have provided him with...

Think of it as training for when they have to write a CV and struggle to formulate what they are good at.

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