Lucky Dip

Idea: Lucky Dip

How used:
Works well as a variation on a question loop, to check understanding, or as a plenary.  Put key questions in a lucky dip container.  It's more fun if you cover it and make it look mysterious and special!

Students dip in and challenge others to answer the question. You can take random answers or differentiate them by colour coding questions and giving students correspondingly coloured slips of paper -  or different coloured raffle tickets.

Can be done in pairs or groups. 
Students or teachers can pick who answers
Vary what's in the box - different sentence starters - challenge your friends- punctuation marks - must be used in next sentence; key words, terms or themes - students come up with definitions.

Alternatively: - here is one of my most fun starter activities!

Put key words on IWB ticker tape, or on a PowerPoint flashing or rolling slide - the main thing is that the students can't see them all at once.

All students have a mini whiteboard.  They watch the key word/term display for a limited time, after which the teacher says, 'ready, steady, GO!' 

They then write down as many as they can remember in a limited time.  I love the memory element and there is an amazing sense of energy when you say 'GO!' And they all scramble for their pens.  I make them sit on their hands while they watch the display.

Guest Post- @Kerrypulleyn

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